Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why I Avoided Penis Enlargement Surgery

very time I get changed at my local gym, I'm always conscious that I have a small penis size. The last thing I want is my towel to drop and someone gets a glimpse of my small manhood.
If you are reading my article, you probably feel the same way? As much as I hate to admit it, my measurements are way below average. Do you know what is considered as Mr Average?
Before I was under the impression, it was around the 6 inch mark. Having researched, the truth is the average size is between 5-5. 5 inches.
My recent measurements come at 4 inch, when fully erect. This has seriously dented my confidence with the opposite sex. My previous girlfriends have even told me that my size is inadequate! Talk about not beating behind the bush! I know you will hear many people say that size does not matter, but there are many women to whom it does.
Over the past 18 months or so, I have searched high and low for penis enlargement methods that actually work. I have looked at various creams, oils, pills and enlargement pumps as well as surgery. Having done some extensive research, I know quite a lot about penile surgical procedures.
Undergoing surgery is the only guaranteed, permanent way to get your penis size increased. Surgery can help you increase length and girth depending on what you require and the surgeons opinion.
There have been various medical advancements in penile surgery and now we have access to specialized surgical doctors and instruments to perform the best enlargement operations. I would strongly recommend speaking to a several physicians before deciding on a particular surgeon to carry out a procedure. Gain an understanding on their surgical experience and ability before undergoing the operation.
Whilst the surgery option is guaranteed to enhance penis size, there are always mitigating factors. Factors such as; anaesthesia risks, consistent penis injury and effects on the quality of sperm.
PersonallyI fear of undergoing any sort of medical procedure due to the risks associated. If you are not comfortable doing something, don't do it. It's simple common sense.
My research led me look at non surgical options that may bring about some positive results. It's always a good idea, not to rush into buying something that most probably won't work.
There are a lot of penis enlargement pumps on the market but after doing some extensive research I opted for the Bathmate. It's the first and if I am not wrong the only pump that uses water. The bathmate exercises the penis as well as draws more blood into the penile blood vessels. This combination helps the penis to grow. The increase in blood flow to the penis helps men that have erectile dysfunctional issues also.
From personal experience I can tell you natural penis enlargement requires a little amount of time daily and patience. I usually take out 15 minutes of my time daily and do penis enlargement exercises such as dry milking and wet jelqing. After the enlargement exercise I take a break from any penile exercise and resume after about an hour with using the bathmate. Since using the bathmate, I have noticed a more powerful erection, and more thickness on my male member. The girth has increased considerably since first use. So far I have experienced nearly a quarter of an inch growth, which is positive.
From my experience you need to be careful of the marketing tactics used to sell a number of penis enlargement pills on the market. Not only are the pills overpriced, they are temporary solutions for helping your libido before sex. None of the enlargement pills I have tried so far have worked thus far. Using the bathmate and doing natural exercises seem to be working for me. I will not
say there is any guarantee these two combinations will work for you also.
I was never really happy with my size. It took me a number of years to actually come round to doing something about it. Although I have not gained significant growth, the slightest enlargement has given me positive hopes of getting bigger than I am. My advice to you is to carefully consider your options and not rush into anything.
The problem with many enlargement products are, they just do not work. We all know that surgery is the only guaranteed solution but at a cost of between $7000-$13000, this is not an affordable option for everyone.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Penile Enlargement Through Male Enhancement Pills And Penile Exercises

The use of male enhancement pills is one of many penis enlargement methods open to men. Males around the world the world looking for penile growth can find it hard to choose between penile traction devices, creams, ointments as well as male enhancement supplements there are through no miracle fixes to male penile performance improvement. The penis is like any other part of the body and has to be treated well if it is going to be able to perform during sexual encounters. To gain an erection the penis needs blood to flow to it. There are many ways that blood flow can be decreased such as smoking, poor diet and lack of physical exercise.

If you want to improve your penis' overall function then you need to fill the three chambers of the penis with blood; the two large chambers above the penis (Corprora Cavernosa) and the smaller chamber below the base of the penis (Corpus Songiosium) and looking after you general health is a great start. Then you can begin to use other aids such as male enhancement supplements to advance sexual performance. Male enhancement pills are made of natural botanical ingredients using elements that have been used in Chinese and South America throughout history. These ingredients include Ku Gua which is known to reduce body fat leading to an increase in the bodies' testosterone level which will result in increased semen production and sexual desire.

 There other botanical ingredients such as Drilizen that has been used in natural South American medicine and is used to increase testosterone production. Male enhancement pills are though most effective when used in collaboration with penile exercises. There are many penile exercises out here but one of the most popular modern methods is jelquing. Jelquing goes back over five thousand plus years and originally developed in the Sudan. It is a twenty minute daily procedure that can help strengthen the penis. The technique of jelquing involves using the thumb and forefinger in an OK gesture around the penis moving from the base to the tip continually.

Starting and ending with a hot wrap to relax the penis (one method is to wrap your penis in a towel warmed under a tap of hot water). The reason for this exercise is to harden the skin and increase the size of the penile veins that will result in increased blood flow to the penis and increase penis hardness and stamina. If you seriously considering penile improvement through male enhancement pills then remember that it is vital to look after your overall health and welfare to gain results. Then to follow any regime you put in place to bring about the result you desire.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs - What Should I Look For If I Want An 8 Inch Penis Without Risk?

Penis enlargement exercise programs are by far the best way to enlarge your penis safely, naturally, and without having to throw your money away every month on fairy dust. Penis exercise programs allow you to enlarge your penis with exercises that require the use of nothing more than your own two hands. There are no pills, pumps, hanging devices, or any other dangerous contraptions required.
Over the past few years, lots of men have finally begun to discover all the advantages of using penis exercises instead of one or several of the aforementioned methods. I am one of those men. I went from a below average penis size of only 5.5 inches long and 5 inches around to very well endowed using nothing more than my hands and a routine which took me about 6-10 minutes per day to complete. Because of the increased demand for these exercise programs, there has been a huge increase of them over the past few years which can make it difficult for guys to determine which is the best one to get a bigger penis.
Here are the things you should look for if you want to choose the best exercise program that can give you a penis that is well above the average size for grown men permanently, as quickly as possible, and without pain or risk.
1. It should require the use of nothing more than your hands. This is paramount. If there is anything mentioned about taking pills as a supplement, or incorporating any sort of stretching device or pump into your routine, you should discount this program immediately. The most effective exercises require only your hands.
2. Claims made should be realistic. I'll admit it, I surf the adult sites on occasion. I always laugh at the penis enlargement ads that promise an 11 or 12 inch penis. The largest medically recorded penis ever isn't much larger than that, so obviously those claims are embellished. 7 to 8 or 8.5 inches is a much more realistic and attainable claim, and even those guys who are below average now should be able to reach that using the right exercises. Steer clear of programs which make promises that deep down you know they cannot fulfill.
3. The time commitment should be reasonable. When I exercised my penis, my daily routine never took more than 10 minutes. Really, that's all you need. In my opinion, a 20-30 minute routine is not only unnecessarily long but also overkill for an organ as delicate as your penis.
4. Permanent results should be attainable. The program should not only include a phase which enlarges your penis quickly, but also a second phase once you reach your size goals where you taper down your routine and "crystallize" or cement those gains so that you can stop doing penis exercises forever without losing your gains.
If you follow the above guidelines, you should very quickly be able to find the right routine of penis exercises to help you reach your goals for your penis length and girth. When I started using the routine I chose for me, I first noticed improvements in erection quality and rigidity, and that happened within the first week. Within two weeks, I saw my first actual size gains. Within a month, the girl I was sleeping with at the time begin to comment that I was bigger and "filled her up more." Best of all, everything I gained was permanent so even though I no longer do penis exercises, my size will always be well above average and very satisfying to the ladies!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3 Natural Penile Enlargement Exercises to Make Your Penis Bigger!

There are different natural penile enlargement exercises that you can use to make your penis bigger, but in this article I will reveal to you some basic natural penis exercises that can help increase the thickness and length of your penis.
Before I show you how to perform these natural penis exercises you should have it in mind that you are not supposed to exercise every day. You need 2-3 days of rest to allow your penile tissues to heal and re-grow to larger sizes. Performing these natural penile enlargement exercises everyday would cause more harm to your penis than good and at the end of the day you would not experience any penile growth. So as anxious as you are for a bigger manhood, I would suggest that you set a timetable where you can perform natural penis exercises and also take days off to allow your penile tissues to heal.
So here are the natural penis exercises that can make your penis bigger:
Before you begin and end any natural penile enlargement exercise session it is very important that you apply heat on your penis by wrapping a face towel soaked in warm water for 5minutes. This heat prevents you from experiencing any injury during and after exercising.
Penis Stretching - This would make your penis longer!
This natural penis exercise is very simple to perform. Use your index finger and thumb to form an 'OK' symbol and grab your penile head with a firm grip. Stretch your penis in front of you and keep it in that stretch for 10 -15 seconds. After this shake your penis a bit to restore the flow of blood. Then repeat the stretch again but this time stretch it up, right, left, down and up. For each repetition that you perform make sure you shake your penis to restore blood flow. If it is difficult for you to get a good grip then wrap your penis with tissue paper or a dry towel. You should be feeling the stretch but it should not be painful.
Jelq Exercise - This would make your penis thicker!
To be able to perform the Jelq exercise, your penis must be lubricated. You can use either Vaseline or baby oil. They are easy to get in your home. It is better you perform the penis stretch before the Jelq exercises so that it would be easier to grab your penis than when there is still left over lubrication on it. To be able to do the Jelq exercise you should achieve a semi erection. A full erection is not needed.
Now grab the base of your semi erect penis with an 'OK' grip, and then firmly and gently move your hand to your penile head. While doing this, you are pushing blood through your penile chambers. The moment you reach the penile head, change hands and continue doing this for about 100 times in the first week. After the first week increase the repetitions to 125 and keep adding 25 repetitions each week. By the fourth week you should be doing 200 Jelq exercises and then leave it at this. Just like the penis stretch after each repetition shake your penis to restore blood flow.
PC Flex - This would give you stronger erections!
Although performing this natural penis exercise regularly would not give you a bigger penis, but it is a very important exercise in your natural penile enlargement exercise routine because it gives you stronger erections. The PC muscle is the muscle that controls the flow of urine. To locate the PC muscle, whenever you are urinating, stop the flow as if you quickly want to go and do something else. The muscle that allows you to do that is the PC muscle.
To be able to begin experiencing 'rock' solid erections, all you have to do is to exercise your PC muscles. And the best thing about these natural penis exercises is that you can do them anywhere. All you have to do is squeeze your penis for 5 seconds and let go. Begin with 50 repetitions a day and gradually keep increasing it by 20 more after every week passes by. You would be amazed at the strength of your manhood after a few weeks of performing these natural penis exercises.
Just like body building, for you to see impressive penile gains you must ensure that you are consistent and persistent in your natural penile enlargement exercises program. This is the only way for you to see impressive penile growth.
One complaint that so many guys have against natural penile enlargement exercises is that they take quite a while to see results. If you are anxious about seeing results quickly, then combine your natural penile enlargement exercise program with a quality herbal penis enhancement pill like Prosolution or VigrxPlus. This would ensure you get the maximum penile gains possible in a very short time.
For more techniques, tips and information on how you can make your penis stronger, longer, thicker and bigger by using natural penile enlargement exercises and herbal penis enhancement pills, visit Penile Enlargement Exercises right now!

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Penile Enlargement Exercise Tips - How to Grow a Bigger Penis Quickly and Easily!

Why is it that some people are able to succeed, seemingly with the greatest of ease. While others try and try and never achieve anything? The way you succeed with penile enlargement exercises, is the same how you succeed with weight lifting or any other forms of exercise. If you really want to be successful and enlarge your penis as quickly as possible without any setbacks and plateaus, then you need an edge. I have some really fantastic and extremely important penile enlargement exercise tips, that will help you get that edge.
Penile enlargement exercise tips
- Penis enlargement is very similar to muscle building and a lot of the principles are the same. Any experienced weight lifter or personal trainer will tell you, that getting adequate amount of rest is crucial. Your penis, like your muscles, needs rest to grow bigger and stronger. When you do not get adequate amounts of rest, you will simply over train your penis and have the opposite results.
Most beginners, who are really pumped up and ready to get started, make that mistake. They try to do too much too soon, which leads to no growth and weaker erections. The amount of rest you need, depends of many factors. The most important factor is your experience. The longer you have been exercising, the less rest you need. But if you are just starting out, you need more rest, than someone who has been exercising for a couple of months. Since you are a beginner, it would be best to take a day off after every two days of penile exercising.
As your penis gets more conditioned to the exercises and as you gain more experience, you need less rest. And it is very important to pay attention to the signs that your penis gives you. If you have strong erections and if you are making consistent gains, then your penis gets enough rest to grow. But if the signs and results are not so good, then you might need more time to recover.
- The beginning is the most important period of all. Because then you have the least amount of experience and then you are more likely to make mistakes. As time goes on, your penis gets more conditioned. So you need to increase the intensity of your exercises as well. That increase of intensity needs to be gradual.
If you do not increase your intensity, your gains will surely slow down and eventually stop. Then again if you increase the intensity too much, you risk with over training and that also leads to 0 gains. So you really need to be careful and pay attention. It would be best if you had a penile exercise program, which you can follow, so you do not make mistakes.
Basically the stress that you apply to your penis with penile exercises, needs to be greater than it is normally used to, otherwise it will not go. The same is with weight lifting as well. For a beginner, the best way to increase intensity is to increase is the amount of time spent penile exercising. And as you progress you can also increase intensity by starting to do more advanced exercises or by increasing the intensity of the exercises, which you are currently using.
Make sure that your ambitions to achieve a bigger penis, do not overcome your decisions. If you follow simple instructions of a penile enlargement program, you are less likely to make mistakes. You should never start out with advanced exercises and routines. When you go to the gym for the first time, it would be stupid to start bench pressing 400 pounds, if you are clearly not ready for it.
You CAN enlarge your penis using just a few simple exercises and techniques! All it takes is a few minutes a day, and the results are permanent. It may sound hard to believe, but it really does work! These methods are 100% Natural. No pumps, pills, magic devices or silly gadgets, and definitely no surgery.
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